What is an Adoption?
An adoption is a legal arrangement where parental rights are transferred from the natural or birth parents to the adoptive parents.
What We Do?
We provide services that are catered to the needs of our clients, which may include a wide range of pre-adoptive and post-adoptive assistance.
Who May Adopt?
Generally, anyone over 18 years of age who is capable of supporting a child is eligible to adopt.

“Helping Families Find a Child to Love Forever!”

Texas Adoption Attorney

When you have decided you want to adopt, you need an experienced adoption attorney in Texas to help guide you through the process. Whether you are seeking to adopt your foster child, relative, or a child from another state or country, we are eager to assist you in making your dream a reality. We have helped thousands of individuals and families, grandparents and foster parents, and couples starting today's modern family to complete adoptions without regard for race, religion or background. Raiysa Reece is an adoption attorney serving Houston and surrounding areas who is committed to matching children with parents who will provide a safe and loving environment. At the Law Office of Raiysa Reece, PLLC we take each client's needs to heart and strive to make every adoption a special one.